Monday, 5 October 2009

A rainy day at the desk

It feels like autumn today...the first day of rain in a long while and it's grey and miserable - but rather welcome too! It was like meeting up with an old friend this morning when I put on tights, a jumper and slippers!
I've noticed Mick has put the heating on despite our conversation yesterday about trying not to use it in the daytime! But it is a bit cold and damp.
Kids all went off to school this morning but we had a worrying phonecall mid morning:
"Hello, this is Hempstead Junior School. We're just ringing to check George is OK since he didn't come to school this morning." Gulp! Mad panic set in.
"But we dropped him off and watched him walk up the ramp to his classroom."

Turns out he was a bit late and didn't know he had to sign in at the office - so they'd marked him absent but he was safe and sound in the classroom! Phew!

I've been busy beavering away with work all day so far although feel in need of a break right now and a working on a public consultation for the NHS. I need to get quite a lot done today as I'm not around for the next couple of days - off to see Kelly's wedding dress fitting tomorrow and then up to Preston for Wednesday to visit a uni with Emily. Girly days galore!
No doubt it'll be even colder and wetter 'oop north' so I might break out my boots!

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