Thursday, 8 October 2009

All motorway-ed out!

I haven't posted for a couple of days because I've spent them on the British motorway system!

Me and Emily went to see Kelly's dress fitting on Tuesday in Buckingham - and gorgeous she looked too...had to control the tears which were welling up as I didn't want to embarrass anyone!

From there we went up to the University of Central Lancashire in Preston which is one of the best places to learn journalism in the UK - met up with Chelsea, my second cousin, who is up there studying and she was great - told Emily all about life in Preston as a student.

We visited the uni the following day and spent an hour with the course leader who was great and very down to earth. We were a bit disappointed with their facililties though - not a Mac in sight! :-(

Sadly it looks like Emily won't be able to get the A level grades to get in there, although Sunderland is still top of her list anyway.

I thought looking for secondary schools was tough....looking for a uni and travelling up and down the British Isles really takes the biscuit!

We've been pushing Mick's wedding photography this week...I designed an advert that is going in a glossy magazine and I've also managed to convince another magazine to let me write a piece on wedding photography in return for plugging Mick's business. All good stuff. We've had four wedding enquiries this week, just from word of mouth that we're doing weddings now. If this takes off it'll be great.

I'm looking at expanding my business in a slightly different direction as well - to provide publicity training for schools. I'm in talks with KCC about this.

Kids are all fine and dandy...had a note from George's teacher today saying he's settled in well. He's so happy; like a different kid.

And I'm still doing the Jamie Oliver cooking thing - had fish pie tonight made with haddock, salmon and prawns, with grated carrot, cheese and celery plus chilli, topped with mashed potato - many flavours!

Glad it's Friday tomorrow...planning to chill out for the evening tomorrow in preparation for another weekend of ice hockey - George is playing at home in a tournament, Elliot's off to Oxford.


  1. hello its your sister trying to contact you on yoour blog!! how pc am i!! any pic's of kelly's wedding dress?

  2. haa it worked i can anoy you on this now!!