Sunday, 4 October 2009

Is it a sign of the 21st century that I'm setting up a blog so my extended family can see what this branch of the family is doing? Or just plain sad?
Either way, families aren't what they used to be - close-knit pillars of support.
Before phones/emails/blogs, families would either live together, close to one another or they would write to one another and visit.
Now communication is so easy, yet so difficult too. There are so many ways to communicate, surely there must be a channel for everyone?
Many families are disparate, yet make the effort to stay together, to support one another, to interact and to understand.
I suspect there are some members of my family who do care about what me, my husband and kids do, think, feel, even though they don't communicate with us much.
This blog is for those people.
I'd like to think they will use this blog to interact with me, or my children. If they don't, at least I can rest assured that I am making the effort to communicate with them, albeit in a rather strange, detached way.

1 comment:

  1. your right communication is getting harder!! you haven't noticed that i sent you a message!!
    maybe i should try (sit on my) facebook!!XX from your not so extended sister and any way i hope by extended family you dont mean fat!! or i shall get a complex u know!! X